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Vendor Sourcing

Haefa Sourcing connects you with the finest manufacturers in Pakistan’s textile industry, ensuring access to top-quality products at direct factory prices through a meticulous vetting process.

Product Development

We transform your concepts into reality, overseeing every step from design to sample production, to create customized textile products that meet market demands.

Inquiry Handling

Our dedicated team prioritizes efficient and transparent communication, ready to address all your inquiries and keep you informed every step of the way.

Price Negotations

Leveraging years of expertise, we negotiate the best prices on your behalf, ensuring quality products without compromising on cost-effectiveness.

Payment / Terms & Conditions

We establish clear, fair payment terms and conditions, balancing timely payments to suppliers with flexible options for our clients.

Product Execution

Overseeing the production process from start to finish, we guarantee that every product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Quality Control

Our rigorous quality control measures at every production stage ensure each product meets our high standards, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Inline / Pre-Shipment Inspection

With thorough inline and pre-shipment inspections, we ensure that only products of the highest quality are delivered to you, addressing any issues before shipment.

Logistics Management

Our logistics management service ensures timely and efficient delivery of your merchandise, handling everything from freight coordination to customs clearance.

Our Products

Quality And Elegance, Woven Into Every Thread

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To become a pioneer in the textile industry with a focus to deliver excellence in its products

Our Mission

We strive for commitment to operational excellence, offering innovation, quality.

Our Values

Trust, integrity, excellence, quality, service, innovation, social responsibility, team work.

More than 25 Years
of Experience

321 projects
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